2017 Wanderlust


My boyfriend, Chris, and I like to kick start the new year planning our trips away. Having so much to look forward to has been a great way to begin 2017, and I love researching the different locations and exploring different restaurants, hotels and experiences.

Last year we had a brilliant year of travel (Colombia-pictured, Nice, Ibiza to name but a few!) and this year is shaping up to be even better.

In January, we are off to Munich for a long weekend and are looking forward to some Bavarian beer halls and potentially a trip to a fairy tale castle!

One of my best and oldest friends is getting married this year so 25 hens are going to be descending on Barcelona!

Chris’ family have invited us on a trip to Lake Como and after a series of unfortunate events which involved Easy Jet cancelling our flight to the lakes last year (long story for another time), we didn’t hesitate to accept their kind invitation. My family have also asked us to join them for a relaxing vacation on the Costa Brava in late August so that will bring our summer of travel in Europe to close.

But our biggest trip this year will be our two week road trip along the Californian coast in March! This holiday has always been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and being a movie lover, it will likely be a cinematic pilgrimage.

So these are our current travel plans for 2017 but I’m hoping we can add some spontaneous trips into the mix too. Life is for living right!?

I am looking forward to sharing our experiences!


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